My child is not doing well in school. What can I do? 
Don't panic. All children progress at different paces. They all learn differently. Be proactive in your child's education.

  • First: Meet with your child's teacher. Discuss what they see in the classroom. Keep open communication with your child's teacher.
  • Second: You can request an educational assessment for your child. This can be done through the public school system or through an educational psychologist.
  • Third: Do your research. There is much information online about dyslexia and reading difficulties. Compare the characteristics you observe with your child with the information you read.  No one knows your child as well as you do.
  • Fourth: Consult your pediatrician.

My child needs extra help. Are there tutors available?
Yes, we know qualified tutors. Contact Nebraska Dyslexia Association.

What method is the best for helping my child overcome reading difficulties?
There are several reading methods that are available to assist children who have reading difficulties. If you know that your child has dyslexia there has been much research done. The purest guide is to make sure that it is a direct instruction approach based on scientific research.

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Is any other information about dyslexia available?
The International Dyslexia Association produces a wealth of information.  Click on the "Fact Sheets" (Under 'Publications') that interest you.  Also check  The National Center for Learning Disabilities and The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity.