Welcome!  We are happy you are here.  NDA's mission is:

1. To improve educational opportunities for students with reading, writing and spelling difficulties.

2. To promote education of teachers in research-based approaches to reading instruction.
To work with teacher education providers to require research-based training for teacher certification.

3. To provide information and support to individuals and families with reading problems.

Please go to "About NDA" to find out more about our organization and our services.

About Dyslexia

Go to "About Dyslexia" tab to discover the history of dyslexia, what it is, signs, and answers to some of the most common questions people have about this learning difference.

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Go to the "Parents" tab to find some of the answers to your questions.  As your child's first teacher, we also encourage you to peruse the "Educators" tab.  To read a Nebraska family's story about dyslexia, click "Read More."

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Go to the "Educators" tab to find information on how best to service those students who struggle to learn to read or have dyslexia. The Nebraska Technical Assistance Document is found under the "Nebraska Dyslexia Handbook" tab.  To read a letter from a teacher to all teachers, click "Read More."

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News / Events

  • NDA Board Meeting

    The NDA Board will be meeting Saturday, January 20th in Lincoln.  If you would like to attend the meeting, please…

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